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Educating Minds

SAN GREGORIO College was created and founded in October 2017. It is based on the principle that offers higher education informed by a Christian worldview and extends beyond any one nation’s borders. The college's values and beliefs are based upon a premise that men and women seeking to dedicate themselves to Christian ministry and service should be able to do so through the window of a Christian worldview that will provide them the ability to learn through extraordinary access 24/7 to state-of-the-art learner and course management systems; resources that are exclusively designed and dedicated to connect them to knowledge in a world rich in Christian Academic History.

Immersive Learning Platform

World's first and only platform that allows students to learn within Virtual Reality / Immersive Digital Worlds. SAN GREGORIO learning platform supports all major PC/MAC based virtual reality hardware devices.

Featured Programs

Liberal Studies AA

Christian Studies - BS

doctor of philosophy

Culture of Excellence

San Gregorio is committed to the professional growth of each member. Specially designed programs are developed to assist students through the various aspects of their life journey. We have achieved a great deal in our quest to deliver the finest education possible. We sincerely believe that every student will have an experience of excellence as they reach the end of their journey at San Gregorio College.

Christian college that prepares you for the future.

Virtual Reality
Immersive Education

Impossible is Nothing

Introducing San Gregorio Immersive, the next generation platform for Virtual Reality experience. Don't just read and watch Video programs, Jump in & experience that reality.

San Gregorio
Mobile Platform 

24X7 Learning

Smarter, faster, more powerful than ever, the San Gregorio mobile app offers classes on the go. No matter where you are, your e-classes are just a click away. The San Gregorio mobile app always keeps you connected with college. Turn your Smart phone or tablet into the ultimate tool with the San Gergorio educational app.