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San Gregorio Library

100,000 volume world library.

San Gregorio College subscribes to high-quality electronic databases and the  school’s subscriptions to full-text services provides web access to journals, books, periodicals, etc., for the benefit of all enrolled students, faculty, and staff. The library's electronic resources are made available through its subscription service provided by Pro Quest’s Academic Complete subscription services that include full-text bibliographic resources 24/7 within a complete collegiate academic library resource of 40,000 text, journals, publications, etc., selected specifically for the exclusive access of San Gregorio students. 

San Gregorio College online library provides special collections in multiple fields that are exceptionally relevant to the students that attend the College. This valuable resource consists of materials that have been acquired by SGC and belong to the collection.

San Gregorio College has also selected specialty resources in order to custom develop and launch the college’s innovative student centered library that includes librarian support from a designated professional librarian. The College strives to provide the kind of service students would expect from a library of a world renowned college in order to sustain a SGC student’s academic spirit within the context of its nonprofit charitable education institution status.



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