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SAN GREGORIO College offers online distance learning for all graduate programs as well as interval ground based education via the SAN GREGORIO College Advanced total immersive Learner Management System. The System is established for global use and exclusive to SAN GREGORIO College students, faculty, and administrators. With the system access, a learner may pursue their professional interests, receive personalized guidance, and avail themselves of faculty mentors. LMS access also enables a learner to conduct internships and reacquire their class lectures as many times as needed.

A learner may engage in online student project cooperation, participate in online threaded discussions, undertake one on one private sessions with faculty, take proctored exams, submit research papers and develop research projects using the world wide web SAN GREGORIO Colleges virtual reality world.

Weekly attendance, residency, and flexible requirements and term schedules are ancillary to the SAN GREGORIO College online learning system designed to enhance a student’s opportunity, to assure they meet the required number of classroom contact hours (and suggested after class hours for advance study). Time commitment mirror the Carnegie protocols for accreditation. SGC requires a minimum of 90 hours of contact plus 270 recommended hours of study time to meet the standard minimum for a three credit hour college level requirement toward a college degree. Certificate time completion are basically set at a minimum of 40 contact hours but may be more enhanced depending on the training and skill required to achieve proficiency.


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